Adjust Your Attitude For Success

By Lisa Purichia
Partner, Director of Accounting Services & Retirement Plan Services

In the business world — and life in general — attitude is everything. As renowned motivational speaker Denis Waitley said: “Your attitude is either the lock on or the key to the door of success.”

When you start your day … what attitude do you bring in the door?

When it comes to attitude, you’ve probably heard all about “the power of positive thinking.” Well, it isn’t just a popular phrase among motivational speakers — there’s actual science behind it. Studies show a correlation between positive thinking and increased creativity, clearer thinking, enhanced problem-solving skills, etc.

In the movie Jaws, when the mechanical shark kept malfunctioning, did director Steven Spielberg give up? No, he took a less-is-more approach and created a classic. Can you imagine the opening scene being nearly as suspenseful if we saw the shark rather than just the frightened face of a woman as she’s tugged underwater? In another example, can you imagine what would’ve happened to Domino’s Pizza if its CEO got down in the dumps about customers’ criticisms and didn’t launch the Pizza Turnaround project?

Clearly, Spielberg and Domino’s CEO were operating with positive attitudes. And they were the ones calling the shots. Attitude trickles down from the top, so they had to rally their troops. Now think about yourself as a business owner. Do you need an attitude check? Think about how you interact with co-workers on a typical business day. Do you greet them in the morning with a smile? Do you ask how they’re doing? Do you emit an air of positivity?

A positive attitude not only helps you persevere through the pressures and challenges of the professional world, but it also attracts those who can help your company grow. Your passion and enthusiasm will likely rub off on fellow team members and persuade prospective clients to do business with you. It will also convince your current clients to stick with you for the long run. Business owners who treat people well and seem eager to join them on a road toward success are bound for bright futures.

Your attitude ultimately complements your brand image. A company with high morale will attract and retain employees and clients, which will ultimately help you build a rock-solid reputation in your community and beyond.

Amid business obstacles and economic ups and downs, it can be difficult to maintain a positive mood and optimistic outlook. Think of the bumps along your path not as bad signs but as steps on the road toward success!

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