Summer is Over … Now What?

By Jason Thompson, CPA/ABV, ASA, CFE, CFF
Partner and Director of Valuation and Litigation Services

This is a big week, as it marks the end of summer and the start of the autumn season. The days get sequentially shorter, temperatures will drop and leaves will fall. But now is your chance to rise toward a brighter future! How will you finish out this year and set yourself up for success in 2023?

As you look back on what brought you to this point and how you will move forward from here, it’s easy to focus on the macro influences of the economy, the IRS and the government at large. But don’t spend too much time on those forces beyond your control. Remember … the businessperson in the mirror is the only one you can control! Over the summer months, outdoor functions and activities allowed you the excuse to procrastinate on those important but not urgent initiatives. Allow this change of seasons to provide the focus and energy to address your specific success factors.

So, what should your main focus be as you put the final touches on 2022, laying the foundation and setting the momentum for 2023? Well, what’s left on your plate? Think of the strategic tasks you outlined at the beginning of the year and expedite them to completion. We’re in the fourth quarter of the game now — it’s no time to procrastinate! Your team and business are depending on your leadership!

Also remember the fact that you now have a bit of time before the holidays hit. Take advantage of it, and plan ahead! Or use the quiet moments of solitude during holiday vacations to think of new products and services your business can offer in the future. Reflect on employees who have gone above and beyond. Who would thrive in a higher position and crystallize your vision for the future? What team members will allow you to start 2023 with a bang?

Now is an ideal time to put on your thinking cap, as studies show that our brains work best in the Fall Season. In a study from Sunnybrook Health Science Center and the University of Toronto, “researchers tested the thinking and concentration of 3,353 participants throughout Canada, France and the US over the course of one year. They found that in the late summer and early fall, participants concentrated better and had improved memory, focus and thinking skills, which led to greater productivity.”

As the article linked above suggests, “fall back into your best state of mind,” focus on triumphantly crossing this year’s finish line and lay the groundwork for a great 2023! Hopefully we have all had a productive summer, full of many good experiences and memories. Now is a great time to focus on a successful future!

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