Be Specific About Your New Year’s Goals

By Lisa Purichia
Partner, Director of Accounting & Retirement Plan Services
[email protected]

As the holidays approach and the year comes to a close, it’s easy to lose sight of the future. We tend to focus on wrapping up current projects and putting bows on presents.

Although it’s important to end 2023 on a high note, it’s also vital for you to plan and craft a clear vision for next year. You will need to review the data metrics and key performance indicators of 2023’s successes, knowing you and your team can always do better. Make measurable improvement one of your main goals for 2024!

Of course, practical planning methods such as budgeting and annual performance reviews are essential. But the more specific your vision, the better.

Some CEOs set a theme for the coming year. If you’re building a new website, for example, make it the main focus across all departments. Task your social media manager with promoting and linking to it as much as possible on all your platforms. Add QR codes to the business cards you hand out at conferences or trade shows. Make all your team members include the web address in their email signatures.

Your theme could revolve around any number of things — increasing sales by a particular amount, implementing regular training sessions throughout the year, launching a new product or service, etc. Of course, you don’t have to ignore other goals, but focusing on one to begin with will speed up the planning process and make the segue into next year much smoother.

As a leader, you’re responsible for creating the energy and enthusiasm around the vision for the company’s future. People like working toward a common goal, so make sure it’s crystal clear and attainable.

Establishing unrealistic initiatives and vague expectations is the worst way to enter a new year. That’s why New Year’s resolutions like “getting in shape” or “reading more” fall by the wayside — they’re not clear enough. Wouldn’t goals like that be more satisfying to chase if they were more specific? Think about running a mile in 7 minutes or finally reaching the last page of Stephen King’s It.

Starting the new year with a focused, clearly communicated vision will lay a foundation for a great 2024!

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