Retirement Plan Services

Sponsel CPA Group has a wealth of experience designing benefit plans for a wide variety of companies across diverse demographics and various industries. We specialize in administering 401(k) and 403(b) programs, cafeteria plans and profit-sharing plans. Our expert team can design a corporate employee benefit plan that gives you an edge over the competition when hiring, retaining and giving employees options.

In addition to helping you establish and maintain your employee benefit plans, we can also advise you when it comes to succession planning, ensuring that your transition into retirement is as smooth as possible.

Benefits of working with us include:

  • Being proactive in meeting with you and responsive to you and your employees needs
  • Hands-on guidance from experts who can translate and interpret complex rules and regulations into easily understandable analyses
  • Ensuring compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor, IRS and ERISA laws and regulations
  • Helping you become a more competitive employer by offering comprehensive and in-demand benefits that attract and retain high-quality talent
  • Providing valuable employee benefits at an affordable price

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