Client Profile: Kennedy Tank

Since its birth way back in 1898, Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing Company, Inc. hasn’t stopped growing. In fact, Indianapolis Business Journal recognized it in its 2019 list of the top 25 fastest-growing companies in the city.

A fifth-generation family-owned business, the company’s namesake dates back to 1898, when Patrick Washington Kennedy began repairing boilers and fabricating steel products. His son, William Kennedy, joined him in the early 1900s and moved the enterprise in the direction of manufacturing gasoline tanks for fueling automobiles. The diversity of products and services grew from there, leading to what the company offers today.

“While our competitors might build tanks or heat exchangers, we build tanks, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and field erect large diameter tanks” said Business Development Specialist Jim Kennedy. “We’re one of the only companies in the United States that can build those four types of equipment as well as maintain and repair it.”

One of Kennedy’s favorite aspects of being in the family business is the vast variety of projects that keeps everyone on their toes.

“One day we might be building a 300-gallon stainless pressure vessel, and the next we’re building a two inch-thick, 150 foot-long column,” he said. “The diversity of products that flow through our shop and the challenges we take on for our great customers are always entertaining.”

This is just one of the reasons the Kennedy Tank team has stayed together so long.

“A significant percentage of our employee base has been with us for over 20 years,” Kennedy said. “We treat people like family and are constantly promoting from within. Several teammates joined the company as night shift welders and then worked their way up to foremen, production manager, vice president of manufacturing. And several folks have started in production and gone on to positions in our corporate office. Our team has some of the highest character, intelligent, and hardest working folks in the city of Indianapolis.”

Kennedy Tank considers Sponsel CPA Group part of its team and success as well.

“About a year-and-a-half ago, we followed up on a referral to inquire about using their tax planning services, and that turned out to be one of the best decisions Kennedy Tank has ever made,” Kennedy said. “They’ve kept our best interests in mind and delivered 100 percent for us in regard to responsiveness and overall effectiveness. It’s a true partnership. We look forward to continuing that collaboration.”

As it nears its 125-year anniversary, Kennedy Tank continues to evolve. For the past five years, it has made great strides in its digital journey, connecting the company’s enterprise resource planning system to Microsoft Business intelligence, allowing instant access to project materials and thus increasing efficiency and productivity which purchasing manager, Dan Yoder has overseen.

“It takes a true village to produce the kind of results Kennedy Tank has accomplished over the past 123 years,” Kennedy said. “We strive to go above and beyond to ensure all teammates are treated well and growing in their career here at Kennedy Tank.”