Spotlight: Tom Sponsel

Tom Sponsel is a “we” person. Although his name is on the business, he credits the entire Sponsel CPA Group team for making the firm what it is today.

Twelve years ago, with the help of his founding partners, Tom aimed to launch a new kind of CPA firm, gathering a team of trusted professionals with a diverse set of skills for the mission of providing clients not just financial acumen but executive-level counsel to bring more value to their endeavors.

Now, Sponsel CPA Group is one of the most highly regarded businesses in the state. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has recognized it as one of the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” for the last three years. It’s also listed in the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Book of Lists as one of the top 25 Indianapolis CPA firms.

“We’re respected in the community, we provide a high level of service, and people enjoy doing business with us,” Tom said. “That’s incredibly gratifying, but I’m even prouder of the fact that we reached this level as a team.”

Growing up with six siblings, Tom learned the importance of teamwork early in life. He considers Sponsel CPA Group an extension of his family, and he enjoys seeing staff members find success in and outside of the firm. For him, the office is no different than home, as he loves his work and colleagues. But when he leaves for the day, he cherishes spending time with his wife, their two grown children and their five grandchildren.

For Tom, both his personal and professional lives are all about the people around him.