Even Those at the Top Need Tough Coaches

For business owners and CEOs, it can get lonely at the top. While everyone comes to you for direction, you may need advice yourself. No one has the golden touch — not even those in the highest positions of power and responsibility. Behind every successful business owner are strong confidants and harsh critics whose candor contributes to personal success. Your colleagues are likely to sugarcoat their feedback, as they may perceive you want the compliant “YES!” You need someone to shoot it to you straight and challenge you with diversity of thought and perspective. We all have blind spots!

Here’s where an executive coach comes into play. This impartial third party serves as a fresh set of eyes on your management conduct and vision for success. Some executive coaches will perform an intensive 360-degree assessment at the outset, gathering information about how your employees, managers and other stakeholders perceive you. They’ll then refer to this assessment as you work together to set goals for improvement.

You should meet with your coach on a biweekly or monthly basis. Together, you will set measurable goals over a manageable amount of time, such as the next six months. Currently, amid COVID-19 restrictions, it’s especially important to stay connected and be responsive. Maybe one of your goals could be to meet with your staff via Zoom once a week, if you’re working remotely. Not only check on their workload but also assess their wellbeing during this stressful time.

An executive coach not only helps you become a better business leader; they strive to help you reach personal improvement as well. And that involves pointing out weaknesses, which can be too much for some. The best coaches are often the toughest and most frustrating. But it’s tough love. Don’t forget that they’re in your corner rooting for you.

Now is as good a time as any to step back, take a fresh look in the mirror and commit to self-improvement. Your business, colleagues and family will all benefit as you make personal, positive changes for the better!

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