What a Ride … Thank You! — A Message from Tom Sponsel

I will be retiring from the firm effective May 31, 2023.

On September 2, 2009, we embarked on a journey of building a successful business enterprise that would be based on trust and mutually beneficial relationships with an energized entrepreneurial team that had a vision — which we believed included a better way of conducting business as a CPA firm.

Over the subsequent three to four weeks in September of 2009, we assembled a team of about 22 professionals who shared that vision and had every confidence that we could deliver on that vision together. After 13+ years, nine of the original team members remain engaged, and our total team now numbers 40.

When we started that journey, I pledged to my partners at the time that I would work until my 70th birthday, which will occur on May 15, 2023.

We have been working on this transition for the past six years, and the leadership of the firm has been transitioned to the Executive Committee leadership team of my partners Lisa Purichia and Nick Hopkins.

We have grown from a startup in one of the most difficult and precarious economic conditions in recent times to a respected local CPA firm delivering a full range of CPA and consulting services — and doing it with the utmost conscientious professionalism. That will continue.

Annually, we receive many accolades and “thank yous” from our clients and friends. For the past five years, we have been awarded as one of the BEST PLACES TO WORK IN INDIANA (only 125 Indiana companies are awarded each year) in addition to our annual inclusion in the IBJ list of the 25 largest CPA firms in Indianapolis. These are not participation awards — we worked hard on these achievements.

Our secret … is caring about our people, team members, clients and friends!

I would like to thank all of those who helped in so many ways back at our inception and for the past 13 years. I personally was overwhelmed by the magnitude of support we have received, even from our competitors! Many, many friends were instrumental in our successful start and current operations.

I want to recognize my BIGGEST fan, my wife of 49 years — Barbara, whose love and support through these past almost 50 years allowed me to pursue my dream, as she oversaw the home front and caring for our children as they were growing up. My now adult children, TJ and Natalie, have also been supportive through the years. I now have MY MOST FUN with my five grandchildren: Maddi, Ali, Paige, Brock and Blakely!

I have been very blessed and very thankful for the values my parents Paul and Dorothy Sponsel instilled in me and my six siblings. Good roots do matter!

I am very appreciative of all the relationships I have built through the years. As I have told the young people entering our profession, we start out serving our clients and then we make them our friends and enjoy a much deeper and personal relationship — in many cases, we become a part of their family.

Please do not consider this a “goodbye” but rather a greeting to a new chapter in my and Barb’s life. I will still be available to help any and all clients, friends, co-workers and partners as I can. We love our trips to Florida, but Indy is HOME. Plus, it is where our grandkids are — only grandparents can fully appreciate that comment.

I have a few pending client projects to finish and a few remaining clients to complete the transition to another of the firm’s partners.