What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?

By Tina Kelly
Manager, Accounting Services
[email protected] 

Amid the gift cards and kitchenware, what are you longing for this yuletide? Think of the intangible gifts that would enrich your life.

These things aren’t just rewards for the end of the year — they can be great tools for unlocking success in 2024 as well. Here are some ideas of what to wish for this holiday season.

A New Work Habit: This could be the practice of making a daily to-do list to prioritize tasks. Or taking more breaks from your computer screen to keep your eyes fresh and focused throughout the work day. Don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone with this wish list item. For example, if you’re usually a quiet worker and you want to stand out, maybe aim to start making at least one comment a week during staff meetings, and go from there. This work habit could also be something fun — like trying a new restaurant once a week on your lunch break.

Education: Whether you’ve been with your current employer for a year or a decade, there’s always room to learn and grow. Treat yourself to a learning opportunity before the end of the year. Are any webinars or conferences coming up that strike your interest? Or maybe ask your loved ones for a book that could teach you some new tricks of your trade.

Hobbies: Take up a new after-work activity. Join your colleagues on the racquetball court, go out to a billiards bar. If it’s not too cold out, walk around town catching and battling digital creatures on the mobile game Pokémon GO. (This game is a great guide through Indianapolis, as the city has plenty of PokéStops and community-wide get-togethers for Hoosier gamers.) These activities might make for great team-building exercises for your business!

A New Friend: How about connecting with a business consultant before the end of the year? Or a life coach? They can help put things into perspective as you wrap up 2023 and head into 2024. An outsider’s perspective might help you realize what you’ve accomplished as well as what strengths and weaknesses you need to focus on in the future. Or maybe grab a nice, hot cup of coffee with a colleague on a wintry afternoon, and start meeting with them on a regular basis to discuss personal and professional goals.

Happy holidays! We hope your wishes come true!

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